tcpdump install issues

Rob spamrefuse at
Mon Feb 28 08:33:47 GMT 2005

FreeBSD MailingLists wrote:
> I have recently installed FreeBSD 5.3 from CD onto a
> couple of servers.  I updated the /usr/src and
> /usr/ports to  RELENG_5.  When I try to install
> tcpdump from the ports, the make fails with the last
> line being
> Error: shared library "pcap.2" does not exist
> *** Error code 1

I wonder why you want to do this.

My system is not 5.3, but STABLE, which refers to
5.4-PRERELEASE at this moment. On this system, it
appears to me that base system and ports have the
same versions (see below). Then why not using
tcpdump from the basesystem?


$ cd /usr/ports/
$ make search name=tcpdump 
Port:   tcpdump-3.8.3_1
Path:   /usr/ports/net/tcpdump
Info:   Ubiquitous network traffic analysis tool
Maint:  bms at
B-deps: autoconf-2.53_3 libpcap-0.8.3 m4-1.4.1
R-deps: libpcap-0.8.3

$ /usr/sbin/tcpdump -V
tcpdump version 3.8.3
libpcap version 0.8.3

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