need help watching mpeg movies from

bsdnooby bsdnooby at
Mon Feb 28 04:13:56 GMT 2005

I haven't had much luck watching movies.  I tried avilfiles, mplayer, 
and xine.  The file types I was trying to play were MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, 
and MPEG4-edit. 

I wanted to watch a movie about Japan, so after searching for "Japan" here:

I took the first link which is this movie:

I downloaded every version of it, and haven't been able to watch any of 
them.  I tried some other movies, with the same results.  Basically, I 
get the sound along with a blue video.

Can someone try to download a movie and tell what they had to do to be 
able to view it?  I'm still not sure if I am supposed to install the 
codecs seperately, or maybe copy some files over from my old Windows 


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