5.3 + nvidia GeForce 6600 GT + amd64

Ward Willats freebsd-questions at wardco.com
Mon Feb 28 03:59:50 GMT 2005

Hello Everyone.

I just bought me a spiffy new amd64 box with an nvidia GeForce 6600 
card. I am running Freebsd 5.3/amd64 and xorg.

Though I love the games, my most important need for this machine is 
to do software development -- so I don't need the 3D stuff at all 
right now.

I tried the OSS nvidia driver -- it didn't detect the screen.

The "nvidia-driver" port does not work on amd64 (I think I remember 
it complaining...)

The nvidia site has 64 bit binaries for Linux, but if there is a 
magic way to "wrap" them for use in FreeBSD I don't know what it is.

Anyway, the Vesa driver would be good enough for my needs, and 
indeed, it easily drives the card to various resolutions, but all the 
built-in modes are with a 60hz refresh rate and the flicker drives me 

Guess I can concoct a custom modeline to raise the refresh rate with 
the vesa driver, but that seems like a pretty primitive way to go 
here in THE FUTURE. So thought I'd ask if you folks had any 


-- Ward

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