NIS login - argh!

Tom Huppi thuppi at
Mon Feb 28 02:21:53 GMT 2005

Follow-up Follow-up (for google'rs):

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Tom Huppi wrote:

> *NOTE* to those fighting these issues (and seeing this via google
> or some such...):  There seems to be some sort of a bug which is
> tickled by this kind of fooling around.  It manifests itself by
> setting the user's account expire time to 1969!  This kept me
> occupied for _hours_ when I couldn't even get that user's account
> to let me log in when I made things complety local and unplugged
> the stupid machine from the network!
> Try:  # chpass {user}  to see what I mean.

This wasn't a bug per-se.  More it was a result of my entering the
wrong items in the wrong fields when using 'vipw'.  man(5) passwd
is what I should have done rather than relying on my faulty

At any rate, chpass(1) is a good utility to keep in mind if
struggle with logins that don't work.


 - Tom

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