Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Chris racerx at
Mon Feb 28 00:01:40 GMT 2005

Chris wrote:
> Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>>> Updating. yes you are constantly updating on a production server,
>>> unless your idea of fun is somebody compromising your machine.
>> Unless the OS is a Swiss cheese of bugs, constant updating is not
>> necessary.  If the OS is so insecure that you must constantly update
>> just to stay ahead of the kiddies, it's time to think of installing a
>> different OS.
> Hmmm, what exactly are Windows Updates?! Hmmm

I'm sorry folks - I just could not resist. It's Sunday, I must be too 
tired to have realized I did that.

Best regards,

Just when you get really good at something,
you don't need to do it anymore.

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