Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Chris Hodgins chodgins at
Sun Feb 27 23:31:14 GMT 2005

John wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 23:13:51 +0100, Anthony Atkielski wrote
>>John writes:
>>>1. you mentioned that you had the ports tree on another machine. Can you
>>>nfs mount it?
>>I pulled all the NFS stuff out of the kernel, alas!
> well, put it back in then :) You'd only need the client stuff on the
> small-harddrive machine of course. Is it also stripped out of the server?
> I extended the usable lifetime of a p90 laptop like this. It was short on
> space and I had neither the money or inclination at the time to buy an
> expensive laptop-size harddrive. Whenever I needed to update, I just mounted
> the servers exported /usr/ports 
> [snip]
>>I've never used cvsup or portupgrade or anything like that.
> ...ummm this is rather like a windows admin saying s/he never updates windows.
> All software develops holes or vunerabilities are found.

You can patch the base system manually as you don't really get many 
advisories.  So strictly speaking you don't need cvsup for the base.
For ports you could use porteasy to install ports without the whole 
ports tree.  Does anyone know why that port is in the misc and not the 
sysutils directory?

You could also just use pkg_add to get the packages you want but I doubt 
you will be able to get packages for everything.  You really need a test 
machine to install the ports and set everything up nicely and then 
package it up and send it to the production system.

>>I'll have to look into this when time permits.  It seems like a lot 
>>of effort for something that normally isn't done very much on a production
>>system (presumably one is not constantly installing and deinstalling
>>software on a production server).
> Updating. yes you are constantly updating on a production server, unless your
> idea of fun is somebody compromising your machine. It is especially true on a
> production server. You can automate some, but not all, of the updating,
> because automatic updating is not without its own risks (think updating
> firefox v. updating exim). 
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