Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Chris Hodgins chodgins at
Sun Feb 27 23:03:18 GMT 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Chris Hodgins writes:
>>It should be trivial to update your kernel config and rebuild and
>>install the new kernel.  Remember to reboot when you are done.
> It's trivial in principle, but this is a production server.  The golden
> rule for production servers is never to change anything unless you have
> to.  I don't know that assisting with my testing justifies the risk of
> rebuilding the kernel on the production machine (not to mention trying
> to get NFS to work).

If you have ssh running on your production machine you could build using 
ports on the other test machine and sftp the new package across.

>>Not installing and deinstalling, but updating. I use cvsup and
>>portupgrade about once a week to keep my system up to date. If you are
>>running a production system and don't, then you are putting yourself
>>and your users at risk (especially on systems running lots of
>>applications). I am not running a production system btw this is just
>>for my home system.
> One doesn't do this on production systems.  Any kind of automatic or
> regular change or updating of the server is an invitation to
> catastrophe.  Changes to production servers must be explicitly and
> carefully carried out and exhaustively tested for regressions and
> compatibility.  I'd never have anything automatically updated on a
> production machine; I want to see and verify every change before it goes
> into production, and I need a Plan B to back out any change if something
> goes wrong.

Well if you are doing all this you will carry out the updates to your 
test machine first and validate everything works fine.  Once you are 
happy build a package from it and add it to your production server.  I 
am not sure how you would verify a package as big as firefox or 
openoffice without doing this.


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