Odd message from cron daemon

David Fleck david.fleck at mchsi.com
Sun Feb 27 19:21:25 GMT 2005

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> It does.  It looks identical to the same file on my production system.
> The only difference is that I'm not getting this mystery message on my
> production system.
> What else might cause this?

Hmmm.  Well, I don't know, but I'd try running the save-entropy script 
manually and see if you can recreate the message that way.  If so, add a 
-x to the first line

   #!/bin/sh -x

and run it manually again - you should be able to see what command 
precedes the message.

David Fleck
david.fleck at mchsi.com

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