open office freeze

kalin mintchev kalin at
Sun Feb 27 12:25:29 GMT 2005

hi all...

i've been waiting for long time to start using open office....  tested it
a long time ago on linux but didn't have enough patience to install it on
my freebsd laptop.

well finally - after 4 - 5 hours build of java ports and 12 hours (on a
2.2ghz laptop!?!?) of build of the oo-1.1 port i got it installed. the
setup program went without any issues.

then oo starts fine but when i try to do a new document - any kind - it
freezes so bad that even after the machine is synched and ready to go down
it won't let go and i have to pull the plug.... it happens when i try to
create a new document. i tried the other menus and they were all fine. i
start it as my user - not as root...

there isn't anything in the logs and as far is i can see there are no
cores dumped....

now i'm not sure what to do to make this install usable....

machine is a 2.2 ghz thinkpad, freebsd 5.3, jdk 1.4.2, Xorg and sawfish..

what now?




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