Question, is there any way or program that will let youclone/image a FreeBSD system

Volker Kindermann ml at
Sun Feb 27 08:33:16 GMT 2005

Hi Andrew,

> 	Is there any way to do? I have read about with g4u, dd, dump/restore
> but they do not seems to be able to do create the clone/image on a secondary
> attached hard disk drive.

g4u has definitely the ability to copy to another disk:

4.4 Copying a disk locally

       If you just want to copy one local disk to another one with no 
network & server involved, the "copydisk" command is what you want. E.g. 
to copy the first IDE disk to the second IDE disk, use "copydisk wd0 
wd1", to do the same for SCSI disks run "copydisk sd0 sd1".

       Beware! All data on the target disk will be erased!

       A list of disks as found during system startup can be found using 
the "disks" command.



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