Trouble Compiling 4.3.10 on FreeBSD 5.X

Tim Traver tt-list at
Sat Feb 26 21:48:02 GMT 2005


well, yes, there is...first, the apache port has very few changes. most 
of the patches are things that the FreeBSD community wanted to change to 
fit defaults (.i.e different log file names, mostly cosmetic). I think 
there are a couple of su_exec tweaks in it, but overall, the port is not 
much different than the source.

And php is not the latest version in the ports either. Not to mention 
that I use a lost of custom configuration parameters. It also doesn't 
look like any of the patches in the port of 4.3.9 would do anything to 
change my issue...

Not that I don't think the ports collection is good. There are just some 
things that you need to do manually...


Kirk Strauser wrote:

>On Saturday 26 February 2005 01:50 pm, Tim Traver wrote:
>>for some reason, I cannot get php to compile a shared object to work
>>with apache 1.3.33...
>Is there a reason you're not using the port?

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