Request to mailing list moderators rejected

Michael C. Shultz ringworm01 at
Sat Feb 26 14:53:11 GMT 2005

On Saturday 26 February 2005 05:40 am, you wrote:
> Your request to the moderators mailing list
>     Posting of your message titled "you have Verizons smtp server
> blocked"
> has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
> following reason for rejecting your request:
> "If you are content with getting one response every 24 hours, please
> continue attempting to post to a moderated mailing list instead of
> writing to postmaster at

I was posting to freebsd-questions-owner at

> Anyway:  I have added that specific SMTP client machine's IP address
> to a "whitelist".  I don't have time to poll every (or *any*) ISP to
> find out what IP addresses correspond with its SMTP relay machines at
> any given moment in time.  And merely because a machine is an ISP's
> SMTP relay does not mean that it should not be blocked:  some ISPs
> are a little more nearly reputable than others.
>  -- postmaster at"

Well sorry running freebsd-questions is such a bother for you. My time 
is better spent elsewhere as well.  I'll be unsubscribing from your
freebsd-questions so don't worry about Verizon's smtp's on my account 
any longer.


> Any questions or comments should be directed to the list
> administrator at:
>     moderators-owner at

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