Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

Chris racerx at
Sat Feb 26 14:20:59 GMT 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
>>Do a portupgrade first.  Firefox depends on a lot of stuff.
> I don't have the ports on the local machine.  I go directly to the FTP
> server each time I install something.  Shouldn't they all be up to date
> in that case?
> The only Firefox version I see is 0.9, even though the current one is
> 1.0.1.

This is simple. As someone has pointed out before, you need cvsup the 
ports tree then a portupgrade. Yes, after the cvsup and portupgrade you 
will have 1.0.1

Also note, that even after a cvsup and portupgrade, you will not always 
have the latest, greatest version of a port. It all depends on the 
maintainer of the port and how much time they have to do the work etc, 
etc, etc.

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No matter how large the work space, if two projects
must be done at the same time they will require the
same part of the work space.

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