FreeBSD 5.3 dev nodes

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sat Feb 26 05:15:02 GMT 2005

In the last episode (Feb 25), Tim Traver said:
> I have just started using the 5.X branch of FreeBSD, and needed to
> mount a hot swap drive in a second drive bay. In the past, I've
> simply run MAKEDEV, and it made the device files for me, and then I
> was able to mount the drive and I was on my way...
> It appears that this has been replaced by devfs, and I must say that
> this is an extremely difficult process to understand (must mean its
> very powerful ;).
> All I want to do is create the da1 devices for my second scsi disk,
> and I honestly have no idea how to do that with devfs...

You don't have to do anything; just pop your disk in, run "camcontrol
rescan all", and use the /dev/da1 that magically appears.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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