freebsd kernel 'make' failed : "undefined reference to..."

Jamie Ann P. Zamodio japz20 at
Fri Feb 25 23:52:46 GMT 2005


I'm a UNIX newbie trying to compile a custom kernel
with modifications for TCP purposes. My system is
FreeBSD 4.3 running on i386. My 'make depend' works
fine, but when I geto to 'make', the following error

tcp_usrreq.o: In function 'tcp6_connect':
undefined reference to 'tcpstat'

The error repeats for other tcp*.o files, like
tcp_output.o, tcp_subr.o, tcp_timer.o, and even
in6_proto.o. There are undefined references to
'tcp_mssopt', 'tcp_delack_enabled', 'tcp_ccgen',
'tcb', 'tcbinfo', 'M_TSEGQ', 'tcp_mss', and
'tcp6_input'. Most are common to the tcp*.o files.

What should I do?? Googling gives me different answers
for this error, answers I don't even understand.
Anyway if you could help I would be really grateful. Thanks!

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