PPP Connection.

Peterhin hindrich at worldchat.com
Fri Feb 25 21:46:26 GMT 2005

OK here is what I get when I 
'ps ax | grep ppp'

'202 ?? ls 0:00.04 /usr/sbin/ppp  -quiet -auto -nat papchap'

FYI. the modem does disconnect after the '300sec'.
and I can re-dial to get the connection again, so that all works fine. 
Also I think what is happening is that on boot-up once it gets to
'looking for host time.nrc.ca and service NTP' the modem starts, so that 
explains why it starts at boot-up, it needs to satisfy that call. 

Part of this steeeep learning curve for a newbie like me is also 
learning the logic behind the sequencing of different activities.

Now having said that, a further question, and I have read the man pages, 
handbook, and sundry other books, is I can't seem to understand how I 
can setup 'ppp' to dial out manually. (ie. only when I want it to, as I 
have another computer that shares the one phone line that  I have 
avail. for this purpose).
If you could shed some light on this function I would be very 

As for your suggestion:  'I used to kill ppp using a "hangup" python 
At this stage that is over my head.


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