ip addr changes on 5.3 but not on 4.8

Marty Landman MLandman at face2interface.com
Fri Feb 25 21:16:49 GMT 2005

I'm running both 4.8 and 5.3 on two different boxes in my office. Both have 
specified in rc.conf their hostname and default router (a win xp box with 
my dial up connection) and

ifconfig_dc0="DHCP"   # 5.3
ifconfig_ep0="DHCP"   # 4.8

Also the 5.3 box has


I don't understand what the ipv6 is about although guess it comes from 
/stand/sysinstall config. Also don't get why 4.8 is using EP0 for the nic 
while 5.3 uses DC0 for the nic - don't know if this is because of the FBSD 
version or my hardware on each box.

Here's the problem, hope the preceding is a good background to it. Find 
that the IP address for the 5.3 box gets changed on a fairly regular basis 
by (I guess) my xp gateway so that I then have to change the gateway hosts 
file, the 5.3 hosts file and 5.3 rc.conf file.

The 4.8 box's IP addr has been stable.

Any idea where I start to fix this? Would like the 5.3 box's IP addr to 
remain stable as well.


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