Is Yahoo! moving from FreeBSD?

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Fri Feb 25 17:44:22 GMT 2005

Jerry McAllister writes:

> Unfortunately, it is sort of true.  If someone chose something other
> than IBM and something screwed up, the chooser would get wailed upon
> for making a dumb choice.   If then chose IBM and something screwed up
> as it most often did, they could say, well that is just the way it
> is in the computer field.   It ain't my fault.   Then IBM is just
> grinning and rubbing their hands at all the additional stuff they will
> then get to sell to fix up their own screwups.   

> Well, that same odor seems to come on those winds from the northwest 
> as well.    If you are a middle manager, you don't have to justify paying
> scads of money to buy an MS "solution" and any screwups are just the way
> life is.  But your neck is on the line if you buy anything else - even if
> it is free.   You have to justify it first and defend it every day 
> regardless of how much better it might perform.  So, managers cave.  
> They want to keep their salaries and get their bosses off their backs.

It's a bit more complex than that.  Companies like IBM and Microsoft
will assist managers in justifying their respective software or hardware
solutions.  The manager is not alone in arguing in favor of these
solutions.  If the manager chooses something like open source, or any
unsupported solution, he's on his own, and often he loses.


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