Apache won't talk to the world

Jeffrey Colter dejamuse at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 15:03:09 GMT 2005


I installed Apache 2 but it won't talk to the world. 
KDE works fine on the internet through my WRT54G
router, but Apache gives this config error:
[alert] (EAI 8)hostname nor servname provided, or not
known: mod_unique_id: unable to find IPv4 address of
Configuration Failed
I'm using ddclient to sync www.zonedit.com for dynamic
DNS using my Comcast cable internet connection.

I want to use virtual hosts to host several websites,
but can't even get the basic config to work.

Here is my rc.conf:
ifconfig_bge0="inet  netmask"

Here are the relevant lines in httpd.conf the Apache
config file:

User www
Group www
ServerName www.torva.com:80
UseCanonicalName Off
DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/data"

What's wrong?

Thanx, Jeff

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