Fwd: Is Yahoo! moving from FreeBSD?

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 25 13:33:16 GMT 2005

Daniel writes:

> my scenario was this: i'm a big company and i use FreeBSD coz it
> suites best for my needs; let's say among others that my/a programming
> team  built something on top of it ;
> because i want the system to work as flawless as possible i pay a 
> monthly fee for support - say some 4 to 6 figures of dollars; would i
> care what you do with the money? i think not; i'm only interested that
> you'll be there (in place) whenever i need, whenever i get some freaky
> error....

Maybe, but for the company providing the support, it has an interest in
creating as many bugs as possible, in order to generate more support

Some companies have actually fallen into this trap.  They try to convert
support functions into profit centers instead of cost centers, and in so
doing they create serious conflicts of interest.

The same problem exists for companies that provide both free/low-cost
support and highly-paid consulting services.  There's a tendency to push
support issues off to the consultants and try to bill the customer for
consulting fees in order to fix what is actually a bug.  It's not very
ethical but I've seen it happen often enough.


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