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Colin J. Raven colin at
Fri Feb 25 08:12:31 GMT 2005

On Feb 25 at 18:39, Jeffery Fernandez said:

> I am trying to upgrade phpMyAdmin to the latest release 2.6.1-pl2  which has 
> a few bugs fixed (One of them  being critical for my usage).
> I have updated the ports tree with cvsup but it has not picked up the newer 
> release (or maybe its not time to be updated in the ports tree.. not sure). 
> So how do I go about updating my phpMyAdmin port to the latest release ? Is 
> it just a matter of editing the "MakeFile" under 
> "/usr/ports/databases/phpmyadmin" with the proper release number before "make 
> install clean" ? Any suggestions welcome.

I've never had any success with a phpmyadmin installation from ports. In 
your place I'd uninstall your existing port, and go grab the 
latest/greatest from

There are a few apps I have gotten into the habit of getting directly, 
this is one of 'em. Another is php, and finally MySQL. Since I'm on the 
announce lists for all three, if another version comes along I can read 
the release notes in some detail, rather than trusting blindly and 
attempting to upgrade via ports...not that there's anything wrong with 
ports I *hasten* to add!! Everyone has their "pet apps" they want to 
know about in greater detail....those stated above are mine...YMMV of 

I know there are those with a liking for debate who will say; "well 
surely that applies to every application, wouldn't you want to read the 
detailed release notes/changelog for foo-9.x.x before installing it, I 
mean why use the ports collection at all?" I'm not going down that road. 
I'm just saying to you that there are likely many people who do the same 
with their own "chosen apps" and nothing beyond that. Don't anyone take 
this as being an invitation to emit/return a three month rambling series 
of non-sequiturs on the ports collection which inevitably leads to light 
switches and good environmental pracctices in pig farming.

As always, just my $0.02 worth.

Colin J. Raven
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Fri Feb 25 09:11:00 CET 2005
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