FreeBSD inside VMWare and

Bill Moran wmoran at
Fri Feb 25 04:37:56 GMT 2005

I'd like to use FreeBSD inside VMWare on my desktop.  I've used VMWare
for testing things out in FreeBSD quite a few times with considerable
success, but I've never before installed, and that's where I'm
getting hung up.  I'm trying to use FreeBSD 5.3, with the latest xorg
from ports (just updated today).

I can't seem to get X to start with any decent screen realestate.  If
I use the "vmware" driver, I'm stuck with 640x480.  I experimented some
and tried the "vesa" driver, which worked nicely except the screen is
huge (I'm guessing 3000x3000 or so) and since most of it is off the
monitor, it's unusable.

I've tried installaing the vmware-tools4 package, and I've tried it
without the package.  It doesn't seem to make much difference either

Any suggestions or pointers on how to get a usable system inside

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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