How do I get KDM to launch KDE ?

Edward Lichtner lichtner at
Thu Feb 24 22:11:30 GMT 2005

I selected KDM to run at startup by editing /etc/ttys :
ttyv8   ³/usr/local/bin/kdm ­nodaemon²   xterm   on   secure
I also created a .xsession file both in /root and in my home directory with
the line :
exec startkde
When I reboot, KDM starts up but when I login (correct password), the login
windows disappears, the KDM background remains and KDE doesn¹t start.
However, KDE starts fine when I run startx in a terminal session.
Is there something I didn¹t do properly ?

BTW, I use FreeBSD 5.3, Xorg 6.7.0-9, KDE 3.3.0-4

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