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> > I had to replace my trusty old HP930C and went out and
> > purchased a cheap
> > Lexmark X1185.
> >
> Wrong thing to do.  HP is well supported under open source
> operating systems, Lexmark isn't.

Indeed. Do yourself a favour, and do some research *before* you buy a

For the most part it depends on the "language" that the printer
speaks. As a rule, any printer that understands postscript will work
without much trouble. Printers that speak PCL (most, but not all HP
printers) or ESC2P (Epson) work well.

Avoid so-called winprinters like the plague. They offload most
processing to the host processor (your CPU) using a Windows-only binary
driver. Some of those drivers have been reverse-engineered, but I'd
advise you not to go there. Setting them up is always complicated.

Check on linxprinting.org to see if the printer you have in mind will be
able to work. The lexmark 1185 is not listed, which is not a good
sign. The lexmark 1100 (assuming the 1185 is related) is listed as
"partially working", which is also not encouraging.

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