Anyone running Trend Micro IWSS in linux-compat mode?

David Landgren david at
Thu Feb 24 17:05:06 GMT 2005

David Landgren wrote:
> Hello List,
> I'm running a squid proxy on FreeBSD. The big problem today is web-borne 
> viruses, spyware and other crap. The general feeling on the Squid users 
> mailing list is that Trend Micro's InterScan Web Security Suite product 
> is the way to go.
> Having looked at the various incomplete, non-functional free offerings, 
> I have no problem going with a commercial product. The trouble is, they 
> only offer it on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Just got the word back from their beta projects manager:

"Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any concrete plans to 
support FreeBSD. Please feel free to visit the trendbeta website on a 
regular basis, as we often have new products (sometimes products are 
released based on consumer needs) listed there."

Oh well, keep up the advocacy...


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