Different OS's? Marketshare

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Thu Feb 24 16:56:46 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

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>>There are so many other WMs.  It all depends on how you work.
>>And, you can run some toolbars/docks, iconifying program, pretty
>>much any X application, whatever, on just about anything --
>>"tools, not policy" after all. 
>>Greg Lehey, for example, states (~to the effect of~) "I'm not into
>>eye candy", and runs something rather simple (twm? fvwm?) that's
>>all configured exactly the way he wants it across several monitors,
>>at rather/very high resolution(s).  He either has great eyesight,
>>or has good glasses, I guess (and it's pure speculation and
>>nothing personal at all) because he works surrounded by words,
>>words, and more words, I suppose, whether it's code, mail, whatever. 
>Hi Kevin,
>  It is interesting you said that, I never heard that one before, but
>I am the same way.  The VM that I use on my systems is tvm.  It is fast
>and frankly all the wm does is make it so you don't have to remember to
>type "firefox &" when you want to start firefox.

I think he posted to this thread yesterday (with an altered title)
and stated he uses fvwm2.  I'm pretty sure it's all on his website
at lemis.com.  "Not much for eye candy" is a personal preference
that I can understand --- it's just not for me, I guess, at this stage
in my development.

But it would be cool to have 5 monitors .... :)

Do you mean "tvm"?  I don't find it.  Maybe "twm", or "tvtwm"?


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