Install Free BSD without floppy and bootable CD-ROM-drive

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Thu Feb 24 16:54:56 GMT 2005

stheg olloydson writes:

> Because you don't have a floppy drive, Mr. Atkielski's suggestion will
> not work. The link he gave you is a good one. Skip section 2.2.7 and
> read section 2.13 instead. It explains how to install if you do not
> have a floppy drive.

If you have neither a CD drive or a floppy drive, I don't see how you
can install FreeBSD at all.  The only option then is network (or tape),
but to use either of these you have to persuade your existing OS on the
machine to load something from them and turn control over to it (like a
boot).  Most operating systems are understandably lacking in mechanisms
to do this (although there is a program under NT that will wipe the
system clean in one move--I don't think it ships any more, since it was
too dangerous).


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