filtering HTML tags from email

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Thu Feb 24 10:26:27 GMT 2005

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> Just after destroying the headers in who-knows-how-many emails 
> (backed up...  whew!), I finally realized that piping the 
> messages though html2text (or lynx or w3m) was probably not such 
> a great idea after all.  :)
> This is something that really should be implemented as part of 
> kmail itself (it would help to remain compatable with both 
> maildir/mbox).  I'll continue to be frustrated with html2text for 
> a while (it's a pretty cool tool), and who knows...  Mayhaps I'll 
> figure out a reasonable way to set it up so that everything is 
> done automatically.

Mike, why are you torturing yourself when
does this?  Afraid of Sendmail?


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