get local sendmail to use MX records

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Thu Feb 24 07:49:40 GMT 2005

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> I really don't understand it at all now.
> I emptied my virtusertable and local-host-names files. I
> really don't know
> why this happens.

Did you look in your mailertable file?

You have listed in one of your sendmail config files, that is
the only explanation.  Or you have it in /etc/hosts.  or in /etc/rc.conf.
it's somewhere.

It is problems like this is why when your running commercial servers
that you create build sheets for each server.  That is, you record on
a separate document EVERY configuration step of any significance that
you or anyone else does.  Sorry you had to find this out the hard way.
You probably have secreted in some hack you forgot that you
did.  Maybe one of these days when you do a nuke and repave you will
remember to start a build sheet.


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