Port Problem

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Thu Feb 24 05:36:00 GMT 2005

I seem to have done something to a port that is causing a problem.  The 
port is dspam and I first did a make on it.  Up cam this nice 
configuration option window (similar to sysinstall) where I select what 
turns out to be incompatable options.   However, that wasn't obvious at 
the time.  The patching and configuration completed successfully.  All 
the various required ports installed properly.  However, the make of 
dspam failed because of the incompatable options.  The error message 
made it all obvious.  However, I can't find a way to go back to that 
configuration option window to correct the problem.

Make just takes me back to the compile error.  Removing the work 
directory and the tar file results in a new download and then a silent 
return to the same problem.  Make clean does essentially the same 
thing.  The configuration options are being stored somewhere and I 
suspect I need to delete them, but where?

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