ssh, sftp, and public key authentication

dave dmehler26 at
Thu Feb 24 04:10:53 GMT 2005

I just read my message. I've confused myself a little here probably the rest
of you too. Let me try it again. I have three machines, two fixed and one
mobile laptop, which is a windows box. Machine3 is a server i remotely
manage, machine1 is my fixed machine, machine2 is my laptop. When i'm at
machine1 i have created a public key and can ssh to machine3, no problem,
and no passphrase. When my laptop is on my local network it can also ssh to
machine3 as well as to anywhere else, again no problem and no passphrase.
When the laptop is offsite, i can not ssh directly to machine3 at all, even
though i select public key authentication, so i ssh to machine1, on my
network, then from there try to ssh to machine3. This does not work, i'm
repeatedly prompted for a passphrase which i don't have.
    Hope that clarifies things.

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