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Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Thu Feb 24 03:05:34 GMT 2005

markzero wrote:

>>>Is it possible to install multiple X servers on the same machine so that
>>>one can fire up whichever one strikes one's fancy at a given time?
>>I don't see why not, although it'd probably be more common to simply
>>kill one wm session and start another to save resources.  Maybe it's
>>possible.  I don't know if, since you've just one DISPLAY (in theory, 
>>you would configure it.
>>Hmm, just tested.  No can do, because just one DISPLAY.  Maybe some
>>X guru has a solution.  GNOME on ttyv1, fluxbox on ttyv2, term on ttyv3
>>etc., etc.... Would be pretty cool.
>This is certainly possible. You need to start X via something other than
>startx as you must manually set DISPLAY vars. I have run two X servers on
>my machine many times - one running a local desktop environment and the
>other running a WM from a remote box over SSH (for no particular reason
>other than that it's fun).

I figured there was a way.  Most times there is.  I was thinking
two Xservers, one monitor.  CTL-ALT-F2 is Desktop B, CTL-ALT-F3
is desktop C, etc.  How 'bout that?

Of course, I really have no idea *why*, either; but it does at
least sound "fun".

Kevin Kinsey

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