Eterm transparency problem.

Gordon Freeman freebsdjunkie at
Wed Feb 23 21:31:04 GMT 2005

Is anyone else having a problem with Eterm 0.9.3?

I love its transparency ability and had it set up with the following user.cfg:

begin color
foreground rgb:ff/ff/ff

begin attributes
font fx none

begin image
type background
mode trans
cmod image 100

begin toggles
itrans on
buttonbar off
xterm_select on

begin misc
term_name xterm

Prior to the 0.9.3 update this shaded the terminal window a little
less than 50%. Now it shades it a blue tint. Trying just the --O and
--shade options yields identical results. However, if I don't use
transparency the --shade option works correctly.

Anyone seen a similar error? 

Slight tangent question:
Is emailing the maintainer the only way to report a bug to a port? The
FreeBSD PR system looks like it isn't intended for ports.

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