clamd after upgrade to 0.83

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Wed Feb 23 19:15:06 GMT 2005

After doing a portupgrade of clamd from 0.81 to 0.83, the service reports 
that it is not running using ' status'.

esmtp# cd /usr/local/etc
esmtp# rc.d/ status
clamav_clamd is not running.
esmtp# ps -ax|grep clam
  781  ??  Ss     0:10.96 /usr/local/sbin/clamd

However, all seems to be fine, postfix 2.1.5, amavisd-new and clamd all 
seem to be running and Webmin reports them all as running.

Any thoughts or something I should know regarding the upgrading? I checked 
/usr/ports/UPDATING, but nothing regarding this. All conf files are 
reflecting the new settings.


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