Different OS's? Marketshare

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 23 16:21:13 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt writes:

> Note that Linux is doing much better against these measuring sticks
> because the Linux community, for all their loud proclamations about
> being GPL, has been steadily making Linux less and less
> distinguishable from the commercial OSs. When for example was the last
> time you saw a Linux enthusiast with a burned CDROM of an ISO he
> downloaded somewhere? The ones I see all have colorful cardboard boxes
> with penguins on them that they bought at Fry's.

I've been looking at Linux these past few days (trying to decide whether
to install FreeBSD or Linux on the machine I just freed up), and I've
noticed the same thing.  "Free" appears to be a near-total illusion when
it comes to Linux.  And hardly any distribution seems to require less
than 6 or 7 CDs.  And the Web sites I visit are extremely circumspect
about exactly how to download "free" versions of their distributions,
when they even offer such free copies.

It all looks very much (too much) like Microsoft.

There have been a few exceptions.  The Slackware site looked pretty
spartan compared to most of the others.

I still might try to get FreeBSD running on the desktop instead, since I
know FreeBSD better (but then again, perhaps I should be learning more
about Linux as well?).  That depends on getting past the boot problem
and resolving another anomaly with the SCSI disks, though.


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