SSH terminal locking up from OS X to FreeBSD

Jim Freeze jim at
Wed Feb 23 15:03:25 GMT 2005

* Doug Hardy

> The localhost is trying to send the 40 bytes in its buffer.  It is not 
> receiving and ACK from remotemachine so it retries until it eventually 
> gives up.  The F flag is localhost issuing a FIN to remotemachine to 
> drop the TCP connection.   It tries a couple times and then likewise 
> gives up.  I would recommend a ktrace on the server  to see if it 
> yields any additional information.  My guess is that the sshd process 
> has died.  syslog might not be set to catch the error it may be 
> generating.  ktrace will show all the syslog calls

Well, I cannot run ktrace on this particular server. I did run it on the
client, but I'm not sure that is much help.

Yup, that is what has happened. The sshd process (pid 45244 and 45265 below)
is dying (not the /usr/sbin/sshd one).
  root  52394  0.0  0.0  1000  340  p0  DL+   2:54PM   0:00.00 grep ssh
  root  60244  0.0  0.1  2404 1624  ??  Ss    8:45AM   0:00.46 /usr/sbin/sshd
  root  45244  0.0  0.1  5056 1840  ??  Is    2:45PM   0:00.03 sshd: jdf [priv] (sshd)
  jdf   45265  0.0  0.1  5000 1848  ??  S     2:45PM   0:00.04 sshd: jdf at ttyp0 (sshd)

So, why would this be dying when I login with a Mac and not
from linux? Is the mac not pinging the server to remind it
not to doze off into unconsciousness?

Jim Freeze

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