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On 02/22/05 11:16 PM, Mike Hauber sat at the `puter and typed:
> Without going through the hassle of setting up proxy servers, 
> isn't there a way that one can filter out html tags from a 
> message (say, pipe the email through the filter from kmail for 
> instance?)
> Perhaps I'm looking too hard for it, but I didn't see anything in 
> the ports tree except for /mail/nohtml.  I tried to pipe a html 
> message through from kmail, but doesn't seem to work 
> (although I'm getting no errors from kmail's filter log).
> Any ideas?  Thx.

Mutt saves to a temp file then calls the following command:
lynx -localhost -dump %s
where '%s' is the temporary file you saved it to.

You could also just pipe it to the following:
lynx -localhost -dump -stdin

the -localhost argument prevents lynx from simply following links
external to your machine - helpful to avoid generating hits for
unscrupulous spammers that get paid for hits on a URL.

Just make sure lynx is installed.

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