SSH terminal locking up from OS X to FreeBSD

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Feb 22 22:17:39 GMT 2005

jim at wrote:
[ ... ]
> Your comments that you've never experienced a problem
> are similar to a colleague of mine. Either you guys are
> not logging into a problem FreeBSD machine or there is 
> some configuration option that I have/have not set on 
> my OS X machine.
> I'm still puzzled as to how to track it down.

Are the two machines on the same network segment, or are they remote?  Do you 
have IPFW rulesets enabled on either, particularly dynamic ones?  Running sshd 
with -vvv will help, as others have suggested, although you might also 
consider running "tcpdump -Xvn host foo and port 22" and see what you see...


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