Error installing 5.3-release before sysinstall

Nick sundog2000 at
Tue Feb 22 21:37:20 GMT 2005

I am attempting to upgrade my system from 4.9 to 5.3-RELEASE.  I removed my
4.9 partition using /stand/sysinstall.  Next, I booted from the mininstall CD, 
and a menu with the beastie and seven boot options is presented.  When I 
attempt any of the boot options, it gives errors and warns me of an "Automatic 
reboot in 15 seconds".  

The lines leading up to this warning are:
ep0:  eeprom failed ot come ready.
ep0:  ep_alloc() failed! (6)
panic:  resource_list_release:  resource entry is not busy
Uptime: 1s
Shutting down ACPI

If I choose too boot without ACPI, then that particular warning is removed.  

I am able to "exit to loader prompt" from the initial menu, but I cannot (that
I know of) run /stand/sysinstall to begin the installation from here.

Booting in Safe Mode and Single User Mode fail similarly.

What should I do to properly install FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE?

The PC is an older Gateway Essential, with a Pentium III chip in it.  It has 
Windows 2000 currently installed on a separate partition.


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