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Olga Zenkova schrieb:
> I use sendmail with full log and see how sendmail
> (configured with dspam with verbose debug) begins to
> speak with itself... (sendmail creates replyes - new
> processes - new letters with dspam debug data). Can't
> understand at all why dspam doesn't write its debug
> information to its own (dspam) log files. Did you use
> verbose debug?

For debuging purpose I am using verbose debug. Tho -
for productive systems you shouldn't do so!

On my server DSPAM logs to /var/log/dspam/dspam.debug
and /var/log/dspam/bnr.log etc. ...

> Yes, I use POP server, but sendmail with dspam doesn't
> put letters to mail boxes. They stayed in queue. 

Did you follow the instructions which can be found on the
DSPAM Wiki? For example did you setup:


And did you follow this hint:

The order that these directives appear in the config file is important! 
Also, make sure you comment out all references to PROCMAIL_MAIL_PATH, 
local_procmail (inside a FEATURE block), and MAILER(procmail).

I am pretty lost if it comes with Sendmail. So if this does not help
maybe someone else on the list with some mor Sendmail experience
can help ...

> --- "Daniel S. Haischt"
> <me at daniel.stefan.haischt.name> wrote:
>>First of all I have to admit that I am not a
>>expert cause I am now using Postfix for years ...
>>I had the same effect while using Postfix because I
>>was re-injecting mails into Postfix. You must
>>that you are not re-injecting mails into Sendmail
>>I for instance did setup the following mail chain
>>  -> Internet
>>        |
>>        `-> my Postfix MTA
>>             |           ^
>>             |           |
>>             `-> ClamAV -´
>>             |
>>             `-> DSPAM
>>                   |
>>                   `-> Cyrus
>>As you can see my ClamAV virus scanner re-injects
>>a mail message back to Postfix, but DSPAM finally
>>delivers the message (e.g. to an IMAP daemon).
>>Do you want to deliver your mail message to an
>>IMAP or POP server?
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