For archives: samba-libsmbclient - "/usr/local/bin/autom4te259: not found" issue

Adi Pircalabu apircalabu at
Tue Feb 22 11:11:21 GMT 2005


During a serious upgrade of several ports (4.11-STABLE) the build failed
in net/samba-libsmbclient with a line like this:
/usr/local/bin/autom4te259: not found
My Google quests did not drive me anywhere, so I began to dig into it.
The above file IS in the correct place, autoconf259 is properly
installed, BUT: lang/perl5 was also upgraded from 5.8.5 to 5.8.6_2.
After perl5 upgrade completed there was no more /usr/bin/perl file
because post-install does not run "use.perl whatever" automatically. So,
after running "use.perl port" the problem dissapeared and
samba-libsmbclient built succesfully.
I have to admit that: I do not read UPDATING as often as I should, I
did not search enough after a "-DUSE_PERL" environment variable to
automate rebuilding of /usr/bin/perl, therefore I do not know right now
if this issue is documented, there are/where/should be any PRs.
Hope these help

Adrian Pircalabu

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