best way to remove kde and related apps

Bachelier Vincent vincent_bachelier at
Tue Feb 22 07:01:37 GMT 2005

pkg_deinstall -rv /var/db/pkg/kde*

Well, it will deinstall kde and all stuff it install
If you want uninstall all stuff kde need, just add -R
but take care, xorg is in it :d

Le Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 03:32:47PM -0600, Brian John a écrit:
> From: "Brian John" <brianjohn at>
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> Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:32:47 -0600 (CST)
> Subject: best way to remove kde and related apps
> Hello,
> When I first installed FreeBSD I decided that I wanted to run KDE so I
> installed it and all of the stuff that comes with it (KDM for example). 
> After realizing how poorly it performes I have been using fluxbox, which I
> like much better.  What is the best way to remove kde and all of the
> related applications that it installs?
> Thanks
> /Brian

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