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Bob Johnson bob89 at
Mon Feb 21 20:46:22 GMT 2005

Lorne G wrote:

>I was wondering if you wonderful people at FreeBSD have considered releasing
>FreeBSD as a bit torrent. I recently visited the slackware site and they
>provide links to torrents for the ISO CD images. I thought it was a really
>good idea and the download times were awesome. Don't worry FreeBSD is still
>my choice for easy of use and stability. Just a suggestion.
>Lorne G
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Already done:
although the only place it appears to be mentioned (other than the 
archives of the mailing lists) is in the 5.3 release announcement:
and perhaps recent 4.x announcements, I didn't look there.

I guess the Handbook and a few other places haven't been updated yet, or 
I missed it when I looked at them.  Maybe among all the other things I 
want to get done tonight, I'll find time to file a PR on that (if it 
hasn't been done already).

- Bob

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