Need HELP on Configuration for access freeBSD webserver from Local LAN...

Orchid saigon_ca at
Mon Feb 21 15:19:52 GMT 2005

Need help on config. to access freesbsd webserver
configuration lay out: 2 DSL router , one freebsd WK
running bsd web. port 8080.
here is the config below: zoom modem router  <-->
d-link dsl router < --> 192.168.10 PC#
Internet IP:
zoom modem ip ( gateway#2)
  set virtual server  port 21,23,8080 address ?
 ( what is missing?....)
d-link WAN IP connect to zoom router:
dlink router local IP: ( gateway #1)
  set virtual server: port 8080,21,23 ; ip=
pc #1 connect to d-link router ip:
pc #1 is a webserver; ftpserver; telnet server
webserver port:8080; ftp port 21, telnet port 23

1/ Connection to outside is  working
2/How to get internet user connect to webserver? did  ask for password  for zoom modem did not work

What is the missing in configuration?

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