Good rentable servers?

Darren Henderson darren at
Mon Feb 21 14:49:20 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, bsdnooby wrote:

> Instead of getting a fixed IP address at my house, and having a noisy machine 
> running all the time - I think I might want to try renting a dedicated 
> FreeBSD server.  It would be used for running Apache, phpBB, email, listserv, 
> and a few other services.  I found several places that have dedicated FreeBSD 
> machines to rent, their prices seems to all be $99 a month.
> Is there a cheaper or better option?  Maybe a virtualized server or a jail?

If that is all you want to do then just go to a hosting service - would be my recommendation. They use FreeBSD exclusively, 
support the open source world in general and FreeBSD in paticular. An 
account to do the kinds of things you mention would be about $18/month.


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