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puce amandine972 at
Sun Feb 20 18:59:02 GMT 2005


i try to compil my own kernel but i have a lot of mistakes. i verify my GENERIC file ( MONNOYAU ) . but i didn't find any error
Could you look that and tell me what are the mistakes 

i have a 
pentium 3 600Mghz  
ATI rage 128
sound blaster 128
tv card Philips 
i don't have any network card at the moment 

i send you too parameters of my motherboard
* Intel Pentium II / III / Celeron 
* Slot 1 Processor support 
* Intel 440ZX 
* Three 168-pin DIMM Sockets 
* Supports 8/16/32/64/128 MB DIMM Module 
* Supports SDRAM (3.3V) 
* Up to 256MB Memory 
*13 x ISA Slots 
* 3 x PCI Slots 
* 1 x AGP Slot 
PCI Sound Card Onboard 
* High-quality ESFM Music Synthesizer 
* Integrated Spatialzer 3D Audio Effects Processor 
* 16-bit Stereo ADC and DAC 
Universal Serial bus 
* Support Two USB Ports 
* Support 48mhz USB 
PCI Enhanced IDE Built-in On Board 
* Support 4 IDE Hard Drives 
* Support UDMA 33/66, Bus Master Mode 
* Support LS120/ZIP100 
* High Capacity Hard Drives. 
I/O Built-in Onboard 
* Support Multi-Mode Parallel Port 
* Two Serial Ports 16550 UART with 16Bytes FIFO 
* PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard 
* Infrared Transmission (IR) port 
* Support 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and 2.88 FDD

Thanks for your help 

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