Items exist in ports, but not as packages.

Paul Richards paul.richards at
Mon Feb 21 10:50:14 GMT 2005

I've been trying to install a few packages using 'pkg_add -r' but I
have found that there are a few which only exist as ports, and not
packages.  The main one which I am missing is 'vtk-tcl'.

Is it generally the case that the precompiled packages are not always
available when the ports are?  According to I should be
able to use 'pkg_add -r' for vtk-tcl.
Unfortunately I am only allowed (by the girlfriend) to play with
FreeBSD on an old 1 gig disk and so I don't have the space to install
ports.  Are there any other sources of precompiled packages which I
could use?  Is there a way to install just the portion of the ports
tree which I need?

Paul Richards

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