Need IMAP Server Selection Advice

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at
Mon Feb 21 01:59:45 GMT 2005

> Shouldn't be much difference - except that it might actually be
> easier.  I came from Linux (way back in the RH6.0 days) running Cyrus
> Imapd to FreeBSD running the same.  I recently moved over to Courier
> Imapd, which I think I like better.  Cyrus required a lot of up front
> work and detailed tweaking, but Courier was surprisingly easy.  The
> distribution config was pretty self explanatory with good descriptions
> of what was needed, and the only thing I needed to do by hand is make
> sure all the maildirs were created - which courier provides a utility
> for.
> I've always found that it's far easier to get software working when I
> use the ports.  Nowadays, I never - and I mean NEVER - install
> software any other way if there is a port I can use.  When I want a
> package to solve a particular problem, the ports are the first second,
> and last place I search.
  > You might want to check your disk layout before deciding.  Cyrus will
> store all mail in a single location, typically somewhere in /var,
> while Courier puts it right in maildir folders in the home directory -
> although you can tweak this if you don't want to create shell accounts
> for every mail account.  Personally, I like Courier better.  I know
> where my mail is, and I have a lot more flexibility in my filtration
> and delivery.
> Read the other responses coming.  There are other IMAP capable servers
> in the ports, and most of them will get a nod from the list folk.
I'd have to agree with the poster.  For a small installation Courier is 
faster to get up and running the Cyrus.  But once you start having to 
use it with 20-30 users, Cyrus is hands down a better deal.  Yes, it 
does take a more grokking to get Cyrus running correctly but not having 
shell accounts on your mailserver is a blessing.

As long as you have a small installation, most of the decisions are 
fairly meaningless, i.e. mbox or maildir, which smtp server, etc.

I had been admin' a moderatly sized (cyrus/exim/spamassasin/clam-av) 
setup until recently when we switched to the darkside. (Don't ask, it's 
still to painful to think about.)(If you're still curious it had nothing 
to do with email capabilities but with scheduling capabilities and the 
darkside client)

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