Partial web page loading

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sun Feb 20 21:39:21 GMT 2005

Chris wrote:

> Scott Stevenson wrote:
>> I'm a relatively new user of FreeBSD (5.3 release), and have 
>> encountered a problem that I haven't seen on other platforms. The 
>> details and a screenshot are outlined here:
>> Essentially, web content (text and images alike, it seems)
>> occasionally fails to load in entirety. I personally haven't be
>> able to recreate this yet, but a few people have sent me
>> emails about it. I didn't hear anything about this prior to
>> switching to FreeBSD. This is the exact same content I had
>> running on a Red Hat-based machine running the same version of Apache.
>> I've done a lot of googling and looking through mailing list
>> archives, but haven't been able to identify any real leads yet.
>> Syslog doesn't suggest anything is amiss. My environment is:
>> FreeBSD 5.3-Release
>> Apache 2.0.50
>> PHP 5.0.2
>> BIND 9.3.0
>> Both Apache and PHP were built from ports. I realize
>> Apache is a few versions behind, and I'm going to upgrade it.
>> Looking at the changelog, though, I can't seem to find
>> anything that would pertain to this.
>> Any ideas?
> See if the issue continues. Is it only certain days? Certain hours?
> From certain locales? I would not be surprised if it clears up. If
> it does, chalk it up to your ISP

Are we understanding correctly that it's the server at issue?

Pages from are looking fine here.  On,
the article I looked at seemed fine; however, the right sidebar/navbar 
truncated.  I felt sure it was a rendering/CSS bug, though.

I'd sure keep an eye on:


Is there any pattern to these "misloaded" pages?

Kevin Kinsey

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