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Sun Feb 20 18:47:38 GMT 2005

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My defaulthost just has "myhost", and defaultdomain has "mydomain".

My daily run output is sent from root at myhost.mydomain

gabriel wrote:

| I did actually, it USED to have somedomain.com in a lot of the
| files but I changed them to the actual domain. Should they be the
| mail server's host or the domain?
| On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 11:24:15 -0700, Chris Warren
| <chris at dawgiestyle.com> wrote:

| I believe this is done in your /var/qmail/control/defaultdomain and
|  /var/qmail/control/defaulthost files. In fact, check through all
| the files in the control dir to make sure they are right.
| Chris
| gabriel wrote:
| | Ok, well I installed qmail and all that jazz through Matt's Mail
| | toaster. Everything appeared to have been installed without any |
| problems, obviously some tweaking had to be done to customize the |
| installation but nothing major. At this point, my only problem |
| appears to be the from address that its used when sending the daily
|  | run output - i.e. its sending from root at somedomianIdontknow.com
| as | opposed to root at mydomain or at least localhost which would be
| just | fine. | | Has anyone got any experience with this? I just
| need to know where | to change that darned from address. I'd hate
| to have to reinstall | the toaster _again_ :( | | Cheers! |

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